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Vibe Cloud, Cloud Vibe

(Last Updated On: Sep 19, 2016)

Vibe Cloud

Vibe Cloud is a popular website that allows users to host their tracks in the cloud and stream the songs on any device. Vibe cloud HTML5 online player allows users to listen to their favorite mp3 anywhere, as long as there is internet connection. The music player works on both, desktop and mobile devices.

This audio hosting website launched at the end of 2014. Vibe Cloud mp3 database is very vast – it allows access to millions of tracks, DJ mixes and radio shows. It is easy to search trough the songs. Vibe cloud mp3 download allows you to download the files to listen to them on your device.

How does it work? VibeCloud provides web hosting services for its users and enables them to upload audio files for further distribution and/or download through VibeClouds network. A file that is uploaded becomes available via the Vibe Cloud download. The files are licensed under the Creative Commons License.

Is the Vibe Cloud free music legal? To protect the legality, there are strict restrictions on what can and what cannot be uploaded. Users are allowed to save any audio file, as long as it does not violate any copyrights. Other restrictions include: racist mp3s, violent, criminally instructing and some others.

In order to start uploading files, you need to join the site and become a registered user. VibeCloud does not specify the memory capacity they offer to their free users – it is at the site’s sole discretion. Files uploaded by the site’s free users and which weren’t accessed for 90 days could be deleted to clear up the space on the servers.

Cloud Vibe

Another popular website that also allows access to millions of mp3 files is Cloud Vibe. Even though the names of these two sites are similar, they operate in different manners.

Cloud Vibe launched in 2012. It is an mp3 search engine, not a “file sharing” site. Cloud Vibe does not host any of the files available on the site. Instead, they search other independent search engines that may host mp3 files, and link to them. Cloud Vibe music search engine operates in an automated manner and has no control over the files on the domains it links to. When you play or download music via Cloud Vibe mp3 downloader, you are in fact connecting to another server/website.

Cloud Vibe states that their mission is to develop the most complete index of legally posted music files on the Internet. Their crawler searches the Internet continuously to find new music files; we can expect the Cloud Vibe mp3 database to grow rapidly overtime.

The website will delete any links to illegally copied music files.

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