Susan Avett

(Last Updated On: Apr 17, 2017)

Susan Avett is the ex-wife of Seth Avett. Singer Timothy Seth Avett is one of the founding members of the folk-rock band The Avett Brothers. Avett plays guitar, drums, and piano and sings for the band.

Susan Avett husband has been secretly dating. Seth was still married to wife Susan Avett, when him and Jennifer Carpenter started up a relationship and then he separated from Susan. Seth Avett spoke about his divorce and remarriage, and whether their music can unite people in election year.

Seth and Susan Avett wedding pictures are stunning. Susan Avett is beautiful, but rumor has it Susan Avett was a control freak. Seth left his gorgeous wife Susan for a woman who chased him around the world, but was much kinder and forgiving than his ex wife.

In 2015, Jennifer Carpenter revealed she has given birth to her and fiance Seth Avett’s first child.

Susan and Seth separated long before he announced their divorce. The band’s former drummer, Jacob Edwards, was fired after confronting Seth about the affair with “Dexter” star.

Seth’s brother, Scott Yancey Avett is one of the d founding members of the folk-rock band, The Avett Brothers. Born in June, 1976, he is 40 years old in 2017. The brothers were born in Cheyenne, Wyoming, United States. Scott is married to Sarah Avett (m. 2003).

31-year-old Susan Kay Adkins Helfrich aka Susan Avett married Seth in 2008. She is now a victim advocate for Safe Alliance Safe Alliance provides services to the victims of sexual assault, as well as with child abuse and domestic violence. Susan Avett was also assistant at Avett brothers Inc.

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