Sopranos Kirkby

(Last Updated On: May 23, 2017)

Sopranos is a pizza house and pizza delivery service in Kirkby, Liverpool. Sopranos Kirkby menu includes Pizzas, Burgers, Kebabs, Hot Dogs, Salads and more. Their address is: 7 Glovers Brow, Liverpool L32 2AE. Telephone: 0151 548 9100. They are open 24 hours every day.

Most people have good experience with Sopranos Kirkby, but not all. Positive reviews praise their pizzas and kebabs, amazing service and friendly staff who will gladly accommodating fussy eaters. Negative reviews talk about burned and dry pizza, not cooked enough donner meat and rude staff…

Sopranos Kirkby menu includes 4 sizes of pizza: traditional choices like Margherita, Pepperoni, Vegetarian and Meat Feast, as well as more exotic options like Vesuvius (hot), Garlic supreme, and Flame Thrower.

They also offer cheese flips, breads, wraps, burgers, sides, hotdogs, nachos, jacket potatoes, desserts, fried chicken and cold drinks.

Do take advantage of their meal deals. With their Family Meal Deal you get any 16″ pizza, 2 Large Fires, Onion rings, Chicken Strips, Beans or Coleslaw, and a 1.5 L bottled Drink – all for £17.00. Also consider the Sopranos Meal Deal (£19.00) and the Ultimate Meal Deal (£29.50).

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