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(Last Updated On: Nov 26, 2017)

Bear Brown is an intense individual from the popular reality TV show Alaskan Bush People about a family of 10 living in the Alaskan bush. Bear’s family lives off the land, rarely ventures within walking distance of any civilization and could fit all of their possessions into a large trailer.

Bear Brown’s real name is Solomon. He holds up the reputation of his nickname and just like Bear Grylls, he is so adept at living and surviving in the forest that he is almost a part of it. One could refer to him as crazy for the simple reason that he doesn’t walk anywhere; he runs. Bear has his own version of wilderness parkour. He runs, jumps, rolls and bounces his way through every episode. Bear does nothing half-heartedly, everything he does, he does to the extreme.

According to Bear Brown’s bio he suffered a serious injury, breaking a bone near his hip. This led to him being in a cast chest down for three months. He says that this accident made him a more confident and fearless child, and an extreme adult. Bear loves hunting and tracking animals even when he’s not hunting. He is the designated hunter for his family and responsible for supplying all the meat for his family. He can be seen throughout the series taking clothes off and covering himself in mud, to help him track bears possibly by hiding his sent and this serving as camouflage. Bear also loves the ocean. This is due to the fact that he grew up partly on the family’s fishing boat. He became deft at working the deck and fish hold.

Bear Brown’s height is 6 feet tall. He has long blond hair, wears lots of red and tends to have fairly worn out and dirty clothes from constantly rolling, jumping and running through the forest. He always has a small beard or at least a goatee, however, this varies throughout the series.

Solomon is the third child of four brothers and two sisters. He was born in the Alaskan wilderness on the 10th of June 1987. Bear Brown (age 30 years old), having lived in the wilderness all his life considers himself to be one of the most experienced hunters and outdoorsmen in the world (not including some of the greats like Steve Irwin and Bear Grylls). He was born without any running water or electricity. This is where Bear has lived his whole life.

Who is Bear Brown’s Girlfriend?

At 30, we’d like to think that Bear Brown has found love. However, during his first date on the show in 2015 Bear’s would have been lady friend didn’t seem engaged in the wild revelations of his day to day activities. Recently Alaskan Bush People star was spotted taking a stroll with a girl in Alaska, could this be a beginning of a relationship? Only time will tell.

Bear Brown’s Net Worth

Bear’s net worth is roughly USD 160,000. His only source of income is from reality TV (Alaskan Bush People).

Some research on the father of the family, Billy Brown shows that he may have inherited a large sum of money from his rich parents, and that he published a couple of books while living in the wilderness. Watching the series, the Brown family seems fairly poor and at one time this put them at risk because they couldn’t afford to build a cabin just before winter. This doesn’t quite make sense for someone who should be more than financially stable.

On to Bear: as mentioned before, when hunting Bear covers himself in mud for ‘tactical’ reasons. He didn’t take off all of his clothes, but merely those that are socially accepted. You would think that someone in the middle of the wilderness would take it all off to reach his greatest strategic advantage? I just have one more question: do you think that the camera person filming Bear hunting took off their clothes and covered themselves in mud so that they didn’t ruin Bear’s hunting strategy?

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