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(Last Updated On: Feb 21, 2017)

Ryan DeLuca net worth is very impressive, especially considering that he started with very little and it only took him a decade to become one of the wealthiest people in bodybuilding.

Ryan DeLuca started bodybuilding.com in his garage as a teenager, paying a pretty sweet $20,000. The original owner was approached numerous times and eventually threw this number at him. DeLuca was determined to be a millionaire before he turned 21, or become bankrupt from trying – he wouldn’t accept any other life goal. With the help of family and friends, he set up the website as an online shop front.

With a false start – the first order came in the form of a stolen credit card – DeLuca and his team built up the site, selling products and supplements lower than retailers, as well as providing fitness and training resources, along with forums which DeLuca frequented thousands of times. DeLuca sold 1 million dollars worth of products during his first year running the shopfront. Since 2006, ww.bodybuilding.com is one of the most visited fitness websites in the world. Ryan DeLuca explains: “Starting a business is risky, but the potential rewards outweigh the risks. Do the right thing, focus on people and values, and good things will happen.”

In 2006 DeLuca was ranked Number 5 in Inc Magazine’s 30 Under 30: America’s Coolest Young Entrepreneurs. DeLuca had been a fan of Inc Magzine for some time, declaring it was his business Bible. The publicity garnered by this title skyrocketed the company further, and they were well on track to making 90 million in sales in 2007. Just two years later, the Liberty Media Corporation acquired a stake in the company, paying the owners and team at a price range over $100 million dollars. Since then, trouble began brewing, when the FDA found that the shopfront sold supplements that were misbranded. bodybuilding.com was ordered to pay 7 million dollars, and Ryan DeLuca himself paid $60,000 in fines for this. Despite this, the bodybuilding.com empire continued to flourish under Ryan DeLuca’s leadership.

DeLuca stayed on as CEO until October 2015, but remains a consultant for the business. Ryan has used some of his well earned money to begin a new venture, Black Box VR. Currently being developed, the concept is about presenting users with a virtual reality gym, where they can complete different aspects to what current platforms offer. It will involve an electronically controlled cable system which is integrated into the virtual reality play. Ryan DeLuca has found a perfect niche here, as a man who loves fitness and computers. This seems a little futuristic, and would need a good amount of financial backing to get it going.

What is Ryan DeLuca’s net worth?

Ryan Deluca net worth is estimated at 110 million dollars, taking into consideration the acquisition deal by Liberty Media Corporation. DeLuca’s earnings from running bodybuilding.com from the age of 19, as well as his tenancy to stay on as CEO well past the time his shares in the company were acquired is also taken into account.


    1. is this the douchebag from bodybuilding.com that convinced a 16 year old girl with his virtual wisdom to get plastic surgery instead of teaching her to be patient over time with a healthy lifestyle eating right and a work out routine thus leading her to fame and fortune thanks to a gofundme account complete with a free trip to Disneyland?

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