Electric Paper Airplane

Electric Paper Airplane – PowerUp, Electric Powered Plane

(Last Updated On: May 29, 2016)

An electric paper airplane is a combination of a paper plane and a motor – together they make an electric paper plane that can fly much longer and higher than a regular paper airplane.

For example, the PowerUp electric paper airplanes can fly up to 30 seconds with a 20 second charge.

PowerUp 3.0 Electric Paper Airplane

The most advanced electric paper plane by PowerUp is the PowerUp 3.0, which turns your paper plane into app-controlled machine.

All you need to do it fold a sheet of paper into a paper airplane, attach the Smart Module Tilt and use your smartphone to steer and control the throttle.

The flight time is 10 – 15 minutes. The charging time is 10 – 15 minutes as well. The app is downloadable from the App store, and it can work with the iPad and Android devices. It is designed for “bad landings”and hitting the ground – it has a shock absorber in the nose. In the beginning it is difficult to handle, but in minutes you’ll get to it.

It does need perfect conditions to fly outside. But imagine throwing this into a big room full of people not knowing that someone’s phone is steering it? Priceless…

The drone’s app also lets you strap on a Google Cardboard headset to control the plane with your head. Google Cardboard is a VR (virtual reality) platform. Are you ready for virtual reality? If yes, you can preorder the PowerUp 3.0 for $199 and get the Google Cardboard headset for $10.

PowerUp 2.0 Electric Paper Airplane

PowerUp 2.0 for $16.99 has good reviews – many people have fun making aircraft and flying it.

This device is nice to buy and give away – it’s a great quirky gift.

Some attention to detail is required in making the paper plane, like the directions say. When the airplane flies well, the motor makes it fly better and longer.

This is a toy for kids and adults, little kids love it too, if they have adults to help them.

The power-up bundle gets you fancy paper and more sets of instructions.

Electric Paper Airplane Conversion Kit

An electric paper airplane conversion kit that you can buy at Amazon and other online stores, will add power to your paper airplanes. Just attach the kit to the nose of any paper plane and it fly hundreds of feet above a field.

These kits are perfect for a day in the park with friends. Usually you will need 3 AA batteries and paper, plus the kit – that’s all!

The kits come with instructions, templates and the flying module that consist of electric motor, a carbon fiber rod and a power pack. The flying module is lightweight and easy to use.

PowerUp Negatives: In a bad weather, the plane may not be able to resist the wind and fly, while indoors you run out of room to fly. Another downside: these kits are quite flimsy and overpriced.

PowerUp Positives: The idea of taking ordinary A4 paper r and convert ing it to an air-plain is amazing.

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