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(Last Updated On: Dec 8, 2017)

Dr. Siri Sat Nam Singh is the host of Viceland’s show, The Therapist. The Therapist is a TV show which studies the psychology of some of the world’s most famous singers. From Katy Perry to the rapper Waka Flocka, no mind is a secret to Dr. Siri! He conducts therapeutic sessions on the show to help famous musicians facing trauma and personal problems. The Therapist began airing on the 8th of may 2017 and since then it has produced 20 episodes. It will continue to produce episodes into the future.

Siri Sat Nam Singh’s Name

It is not clear whether Siri Sat Nam Singh is his real name or a pseudonym. Let’s delve into the possible meaning behind this name.

In Sikh, Siri is a word which denotes respect and implies that the person is great or mighty.

Sat means “Truth” and Nam means “Name”. Satnam is the main word in the Sikh sacred scripture, the Guru Granth Sahib. It is part of the Mool Mantra which is repeated daily by Sikhs. In Sikh, Satnaam is also used as a greeting, meaning ‘Truth is your Identity’.

Singh (derived from Sanskrit) means Lion. It is used both as a surname and middle name.


It is most likely that Dr. Siri’s religion is sikhism. This monotheistic religion as founded in the Punjab (state in India) in the 15th Century CE. Sikhs think religion should be practised by living and coping with life’s everyday problems.

Bio and Career

Dr. Siri was born in Texas, moving when he was in year 10 to California. He lived in California for a number of years before moving to Minnesota, where he received a bachelor’s degree in psychology from Carlton College. Dr. Siri gained an interest for dance in his last year of studies at Carlton College and it was this interest that pushed Siri toward travelling the world dancing, choreographing and teaching.

Siri spent 15 years simply travelling the world dancing, experiencing amazing things and meeting a lot of amazing people. Siri danced on Broadway in the performance, The Wiz, went on stage with Eartha Kit in LA, taught at the famous, Ail Ailey School, was on TV with Donna Summer and also danced at the Academy Awards. During this time, Siri also began to study yoga. Yoga became a key part of Siri’s life and he studied it for 20 years under Yogi Bajhan.

Dr. Siri says that dancing and practicing yoga enabled him to “live in his heart”. He believes that this is very important and it has helped him to become the person that he is today. After this chapter of his life, Siri says that he “remembered” that he had a Bachelor’s degree in psychology. Siri is very thankful to have been able to receive such a degree at such a young age as it has enabled him to lead the life which he lives now. Graduating with a bachelor’s degree meant that Siri was able to later earn a Masters degree. As Siri was awarded a Masters degree in Clinical Psychology at Antioch University.

Siri now lives in Los Angeles where he practices psychology on and off the TV show. Siri combines his own approach with his university learnings. This creates a new and unique way to help people with many of their issues. Siri helps families, couples, and individuals with many of the problems that they face. He is still seen on TV but now, rather than helping people to face boredom he helps them with psychological problems. He is the host of Viceland’s the Therapist. Siri says that part of his TV show’s success is due to his ability to “sit in his own heart”. Maintaining many of the aspects of his old life, Siri is still practicing yoga and teaching – except now Siri is teaching at a whole other level. He has taught psychology at National University, Antioch University, and Pacifica Graduate University.

The Therapist

Although the fact that Siri is a great psychologist is unquestionable, there are a few questions which arise while watching the show, such as: how does Siri expect to treat his patients properly with just one therapy session, how do they expect to achieve anything at all if patients can’t be completely open if they have no privacy on TV? Also, why is he only working as a therapist if he has a Masters in psychology? Being a therapist is one of the lowest paid jobs in the psychology field. Working as a therapist doesn’t fit Siri’s qualifications, if you have a masters degree there is potential to do and earn a lot more than this. Basic therapy treatments require many sessions where both parties can be completely open with each other. This seems impossible in the environment of the TV show. The TV show needs new and interesting content for every episode and this means that showing the whole treatment of the patients would be impossible. Effective treatment requires many hours of work which would be tedious to watch in the style of The Therapist. Secondly, in the environment of a TV show, it is basically impossible for people to be completely open with Siri. Normally therapy sessions are completely confidential, this is because most people find it difficult to describe their issues and situations without complete privacy. Therapy sessions are already hard enough but without any privacy such as the situation on the TV show, proper treatment of patients would be virtually impossible.

With The Therapist, many ethical questions arise: How can filming people at one of their most vulnerable states help their mental health? And is all this worth it to educate people about therapy and possibly help people who are in need of therapy?

Siri is a very accomplished, thoughtful man with impeccable discipline and perseverance. Siri is definitely someone to be admired.


  1. it’s not his birth name, but he will never tell you what it was, and he seems to have managed to have kept it hidden despite our modern technology and media. i’m not sure why he is so ashamed of it, and that part of his own journey to creating his new name. if i’m not mistaken, it was given to him by his first guru.

  2. Who is this man?
    Does not appear to be of Indian ethnicity.
    Therefore, he has taken the name he has.
    I saw one of his programs today. Nothing special at all, to me. But…….
    it works.
    My question is: Is it working in the way he means it to? Or is it the way he presents himself.
    I then ask:
    Why didn’t he keep his given name? Or did he?
    Does it matter?
    It does, because it tells something about the man- tells me, anyway.
    Is he sincere?
    Or is he just a damn good shrink; and expensive.
    His adopted name situation worries me.
    Enough said.

    1. Ask yourself why it bothers you that he may have adopted his name ?

      Perhaps you think that anyone who does so has something nefarious behind
      their curtain of reality . But , maybe he gave himself a name that better illustrates his true nature, and is indicative of the journey he has taken.

      And because of that journey he had to rename himself to himself , now that
      he has identified himself, you may know him more fully. 😉

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