Debby Clarke Belichick

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Debby Clarke Belichick – what do we know? Amanda, Brian, Stephen, Jeannette, Death, Bill and more. Get answers to your questions.

Debby Belichick is the former wife of Bill Belichick – New England Patriots’ head coach. Debby Belichick is also the mother of their three children.

Bill and Debby Belichick have been divorced for many years, and the winning football coach of the Super Bowl 2017 is currently dating Linda Holliday, a lady he met in a nightclub. As of 2017, Bill Belichick is not married.

Debby Clarke Belichick is the ex-wife of a truly legendary American football head coach of the famous National Football League (NFL) team. Bill is the only coach in NFL history to win 3 Super Bowl championships in a 4-year span.

Belichick and Debby first started dating in high school. The two were married in 1977. Debby Clarke Belichick and her ex spouse Bill Belichick allegedly separated before the 2004 season and their divorce was finalized two years later, in 2006. Pats coach and Debby separated after 28 years of marriage. Belichick has since moved out of Weston and has bought a condo in Hingham. The reason of the couple’s split was that Bill cheated on Debby with Sharon Shenocca, former Giants receptionist.

William Stephen “Bill” Belichick has three children with Debby Belichick: Amanda Belichick, Brian Belichick, and Stephen Belichick. Amanda is a 2007 graduate of Wesleyan University, where she played lacrosse, just like her father. Steve Belichick is a safeties coach, and Brian Belichick entered his first season as a scouting assistant in 2016.

In an interview 9 years ago, Belichick, then 55 said that he was looking forward to spending more time with his kids, reading, golfing, and fishing in Nantucket, where Bill owns 3 pieces of property, including a four or five million lot he bought with his former wife, Debby.

Debby Clarke Belichick Death

Rumors of Debby Clarke Belichick are false – she is alive and well in 2017, and has a new and exciting project now. Debby and her friend Paige Yates, a Weston realtor, have opened The Art of Tile & Stone, a tile store in Wellesley offering everything from design to installation of new stone. Art of Tile and Stone is a collection of hand-selected tile and stone, for expert in-house design.

Amanda Belichick

Amanda Belichick was born in Weston, Massachusetts, United States to Bill Belichick and Debby Clarke Belichick. Amanda has two siblings – Brian Belichick and Stephen Belichick.

Amanda Belichick follows in her father Bill’s footsteps. Amanda is currently the head coach of the women’s lacrosse team at Holy Cross, 2017. During the 2014 and 2015 seasons, she served as the head coach at Wesleyan University, her alma mater. After serving as head lacrosse coach at Choate Rosemary Hall for two years, she joined the UMass program.

Sharon Shenocca

Bill allegedly had an affair with Sharon Shenocca, who he met in the 1980s when he was the defensive coordinator of New York Giants and she was she was a receptionist for the team. His alleged ex-girlfriend Sharon Shenocca pictures depict a gorgeous blonde.

At 41, Sharon Shenocca testified in Superior Court in Morristown that the Bill has FedExed her at least $150,000 in cash, organized lavish vacations, and renovated a $2.2 million Brooklyn town house he purchased for her to live in with her kids.

Sharon later acknowledged that Belichick was later involved with another woman, Linda Holliday.

Jeannette Belichick and Steve Belichick

Coach Belichick’s parents, Steve and Jeannette Belichick met in the 1940s at the college, when he was a coach and she worked as a language professor.

Stephen Nickolas “Steve” Belichick (January 1919 – November 2005) was an American football player, coach, and scout of Croatian descent. In 1951, he married Jeannette Ruth Munn, with whom he had one child, Bill.

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